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More data is being stored in smaller spaces. Today's hard drives store 500 times the data stored on the drives of a decade ago. Increasing storage capacities amplify the impact of data loss.

Data has become more mission-critical. hospital patient records, email, office documents, financial databases and payroll records. Users today are storing more information electronically than ever. The loss of mission critical data can have staggering financial, legal and productivity ramifications on businesses and home users alike.

Traditional backup tools and techniques are not 100% reliable. Most computer users rely on backups as their safety net in the event of data loss (a recommended practice). Research indicates that 80 percent of companies that lost data were regularly backing up their data, only to find them less than adequate at the critical moment they need to restore them.

Backups assume that hardware and storage media are in working order; that the data is not corrupted, and that your backup is recent enough to provide full recovery. In reality, hardware and software do fail and backups don't always contain current enough data.

Leading causes of data loss

Other issues can arise from traditional backup systems such as:

The data backup challenge

For many companies, protecting their data can be a challenge. Today, many companies perform tape backups but this approach can be unreliable, cumbersome, and expensive. The alternative method, creating backups over a wide area network (WAN), also poses problems because of the amount of data and the cost of bandwidth. DOCStore online backup system addresses these hurdles and enables companies to efficiently manage and protect your data.

The DOCStore solution

DOCStore online backup offers secure, storage-optimized data protection for remote offices across diverse IT environments. Online backup combines disk-based backup with distinctive fingerprinting technology to rapidly identify the unique, changed segments of data. By identifying only those unique segments of data to backup, netBACKUP reduces the network bandwidth used to move data offsite as well as teh amount of storage required. Web-based access for both data recovery and administration streamlines management and access to important data. These features in DOCStore online backup enable business to effectively address the challenges of data protection.

Included in each product is all support relating to ensuring that the backup system is working on a daily basis. This includes any remote support to fix any backup issues. Unlimited restores and helpdesk are also included. We are also responsible for upgrading to the latest versions of our backup software

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