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Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Product Overview

Understanding Windows SharePoint Services

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Windows SharePoint Services provide a secure, scalable, enterprise-level portal environment for team collaboration. Because SharePoint aggregates and organizes information in one place, users can find relevant information quickly and efficiently. Using the internet and regardless of their location, all team members have password-protected access to SharePoint sites and can work together on tasks, projects, documents, and announcements. Site managers can coordinate site content and user activity.

How it Works

SharePoint sites use Web Parts and Windows ASP.NET-based components. Site administrators and users can easily add them to Web pages and configure them to suit their needs. Ready-to-use Web Parts provide a solid foundation for out-of-the box functionality. However, administrators can easily design, deploy, and administer the environment and support application development.

Key Functions of SharePoint

Advanced Features Include

With ASP-One SharePoint Hosting, small and medium size businesses can benefit from the same extensive functionality of Windows SharePoint Services previously reserved for large enterprises. For a low, fixed, predictable per user monthly fee, you can reap the benefits of SharePoint collaboration in an enterprise-class infrastructure with guaranteed service levels. You receive maximum security, redundancy, performance capability, and skilled staff to manage the infrastructure.

Hosted VMWare Server Environments

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Enterprise Virtualisation and Dedicated virtual server hosting services are delivered via VMware hosting infrastructure solutions to give business and government customers the performance, security and control of dedicated hosting - with on demand scalability.

Benefits of VMware dedicated virtual servers

VMware dedicated virtual servers are suitable for customers and options include:

Hosted Exchange Solution

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Hosted Exchange Solution

E-mail has become a high-demand application that is used companywide and requires around-the-clock availability.

To stay competitive in today's business environment, you need sophisticated messaging tools with features like mobile access and shared calendars. Yet these tools can come with complex needs for implementation, management, and support.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of business class e-mail in a pay-as-you-go model that enables you to scale up or down as needed, minimizing your financial risk. DOCStore hostedExchange can help you free up valuable capital, IT staff, and other costly resources for more effective, strategic use within your organization.

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